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BTU Delta Mini Reflow Furnace

Product Datasheet


Micro Tool Controlled Convection Solder Reflow Furnace technology was, until recently, only available in the Delta Series. As the successor to the popular Delta-10 model, equal performance is now available in an economical, powerful 10 zone system. Whenever precisely controlled and uniformly dispersed convection impingement is required for mid to high speed in-line solder reflow applications, the Micro-10 furnace is the right choice.

Regardless of your substrate materials Micro-10 Controlled Convection Solder Reflow technology provides exceptional thermal performance.


Micro-10 furnaces are built with such superior proven design features as high mass sealed cast aluminum heater panes in all zones. Heated process air for the ramp-up preheat & reflow zones is delivered via powerful, high volume, 3000 RPM recirculation blowers. All of this is part of a superior, load insensitive process chamber, available in either air or inert atmosphere configurations.

Standard process chamber tunnel clearance dimensions are 22" wide and 2" high. The process chamber will accommodate even your largest PCB assemblies. In a process chamber more than 70" long, the Micro-10 achieves a very uniform thermal profile from pre-heat to soak, through reflow and during cool down. On-board component temperatures do not exceed that of the process atmosphere.

 A Micro-10 precision temperature Controlled Convection Solder Reflow Furnace will accept almost any current PCB, BGA or future flip chip, wire bonded or other chip-on-board assemblies.


At the heart of the Micro-10 Controlled Convection Solder Reflow Furnace is Micro Tool's custom control software application. DOS based and matched with precision analog & digital PC buss plug-in boards, the software features a graphically displayed system environment. Rapid production recipe changes are easy as in-process tracking for SPC.

Options are available and include a WinFurn  Windows  based control application, SPC data output and communications with a host system. A SMEMA compliant interface and/or custom upstream & downstream line controls are also available as options.

Product Handling

All Micro-10 Controlled Convection Solder Reflow Furnaces utilize a well proven full width open mesh woven wire belt conveyor. A fine mesh conveyor and an optional SMEMA compliant adjustable chain-rail transport for edge support products are also available.


System Operating Range: ~320°C / 600°F

Air Source: Micro Tool Constant Flow Controlled Impingement blowers feeding top and bottom plenum

Nitrogen Option: Nitrogen inert atmosphere option to 30ppm Oxygen (Other nitrogen levels and closed loop control systems are optionally available)

Zone Layout: Five (5) 13.5" zones along the direction of product travel is standard

Tunnel Opening: 2.0" x 22"

Onload Table: 24"

Offload Table: 36"

Impingement Type: Full impingement air via 0.156" diameter holes in orifice plates.

Impingement Volumes: 1.5 inches of H2O column (.0038 Bar) air pressure with 150 SCFM (4260 1/min) recirculated internally per zone, in ramp-up and reflow zones.0.8 inchesof H2O column (.002 Bar) air pressure with 80 SCFM (2275 L1/min) recirculated internally per zone,in soak and equalization zones.2.0 inches of H2O column (.005 Bar) air pressure with 300 SCFM (8520 L/min) recirculated internally per zone (optionally available).

Product Transport: Stainless Steel woven wire belt conveyor

Throughput Range: 6-36 ipm (see options for other speed ranges)

Process Control: Custom DOS based application running on a 486 PC platform or optionally available WinFurn Windows .

UPS / Emergency Power:  UPS OR AUTO-SWITCH to emergency power available.

System Controls: Only manual controls are START and (2) EMERGENCY STOP Switches

Indicators: Control software application graphically displays systemstatus, production recipe in use, recipe set point value,actual process value, conveyor speed, set point and actual thermal profiles for in-process recipe and stored records for comparative and SPC functions, plus graphic display of relative primary power use.

Exhaust Outlet: 3" diameter male fitting for connection to facilitate fume extraction system.

Power Requirements: 208/240Vac, 50/60 Hz (Amperage dependent upon shipped configuration).