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MPM Corporation Screen Printers

SP2400 Screen Printer

Standard Features:

  • Screen Printer with Manual Vision System Accessories.
  • Manual vision system assures precise alignment of board to stencil.
  • Provides fewer defects and higher yields

MPM SP2400

System Specifications

Class Description Detail
Board Carriage: Registration Repeatablility +/-0.0005"
Board Size: 21" x 21"
XY Adjustment: +/-0.500"
Rotary Adjustment: +/-10 degrees
Squeegee Head: Print Stroke Adjustment: 1" to 23"
Squeegee Speed: 0 to 12" per second
Squeegee Pressure: 5-60 LB
Angle of Attack Adjustment: +/-5 degrees
Squeegee Holder: 21" with .0375" square blade
Squeegee Flood Blade: Separate Height and Level adjustment
Motor Drive: 1 foot range
Vacuum Work Holder  
Manual Vision System Two Camera Assemblies  
Video Splitter  
Work Lamp  
Monitor Power Requirements 115 Vac, 15.0 A, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase
Dimensions: Print Area: 20" x 20" Maximum
Frame Size: 29" x 29" O.D.