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12542 Tabletop Ionograph Modular Contamination System

Alpha Metals Iconograph 500M Modular Contamination Tester

Circuit Board Tester


SCS Ionic Contamination Test Systems are designed for fast and accurate ionic contamination cleanliness testing. Each module uses ultra-pure alcohol/water extraction media and a patented dynamic method to test product samples quick and non-destructively.

The Ionograph 500M modules are operated by a personal computer or the Ionograph 500M Command Module to determine compliance with the cleanliness requirements of IPC-TM-650, and other industry standards. They can be used to measure the quality of incoming electronic components and circuit boards, and to evaluate flux contamination and monitor surface cleanliness.

Ionograph contamination testing can be used to control no-clean processes by determining the cleanliness of incoming raw boards and components prior to flux application, thus avoiding encapsulation of contaminants. Post-soldering reflow ionic contamination testing detects radical flux coverage and thermal process changes. This precise testing technology can also be used to monitor the level of no-clean flux applied to substrates during spray or foam fluxing, helping to avoid electrical failures due to excessive flux deposits, and solder defects caused by insufficient flux.

Standard Test Module Description:

The 500M features a 12" x 14" 2.7 gallon test cell for typical contamination measurement applications on individual parts and complete circuit assemblies.

Omega Meter 500M TableTop

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